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Rockwall.bz Website Shutdown

15 December 2016 – www.rockwall.bz website is shutdown.

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Rockwall.TV Channels By Location

10 June 2016 – www.rockwall.tv adds six new channels based on location of key event sites.

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Rockwall.TV Channels Update

13 June 2015 – www.rockwall.tv adds channels TWO, THREE, and FOUR.

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Rockwall.TV Website Launched

6 June 2015 – www.rockwall.tv was launched providing access to crowd sourced Rockwall family friendly entertainment.  Channel ONE is now showing.

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Rockwall.bz Product Expansion

30 May 2015 – www.rockwall.bz expands product selection to include new merchants providing tablet, laptop, desktop, and high performance computer products.  Computer network and security products are available from respected industry merchants.  Specialty products and exclusive promotions are updated regularly.

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Rockwall.bz Website Launched

20 December 2014 – www.rockwall.bz was launched providing access to home automation, computer products, and technical consulting services.

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